Our History

UMe dog food is a proudly South African company with an extensive background in animal feed and supplement manufacturing.

Our UMe product range is produced at our 4,000 square metre factory in Modderfontein.

The UMe range was developed with intense focus, dedication and passion by our in-house nutritionists, drawing on over 30 years of experience in the animal feed and supplements industry. Our passion for dogs is unequalled in the industry.

Our benefits

UMe is a convenient and value-driven holistic meal solution for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Quality is assured by our in-house animal nutrition scientists, who play an integral part in the development and manufacturing process.

UMe offers the ideal combination of nourishment and taste to ensure your dogs have everything they need to live long, happy and healthy lives.

What makes UMe different?

UMe not only provides improved delivery of the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals your dogs need, but gives you the option of ‘mixing it up’ so they can enjoy something different every day.

Instead of serving a cup of the same old kibble for every meal, you can give your best friends a delicious and nutritious meal solution they will gobble up in no time.

UMe gives you the best of all worlds – a quality dog food your dogs will love, that won’t break the bank.

Practical benefits of UMe 


It contains natural meat flavours


Ideal for all breeds of dogs


Perfect meal for dogs that have undergone teeth extractions and senior dogs


Ideal for young puppies weaning off their mother’s milk


The preparation of their food visually stimulates appetite


Can also be used as an extender or gravy option for the current kibble or pellets you are feeding

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